Gas, oil and solid fuels are safe to burn so long as the appliance is installed, maintained and used correctly. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas produced when carbon fuels don't burn completely. It has no taste, smell or colour and can kill without warning in a few hours. If you suspect a CO leak or think you are suffering from CO poisoning, switch the appliance off, open windows and then get out into the fresh air immediately. If the symptoms are serious you should go straight to your doctor or emergency department.

Protecting yourself from CO

- if an appliance has soot or staining on or around it, please report it.

- check the flames in your appliance - if they are orange or yellow instead of blue there may be a problem.

- do not block ventilators, as these are needed to allow enough fresh air into the room. Similarly, do not block flues or chimneys.

- do not install any gas, oil or solid fuel heating appliances without our written permission. You can request permission online via our contact form or by emailing

Each year Saxon Weald will complete a gas safety check at your property - for more information about this click here