Before our repairs team can send someone out to assist you with your gas heating or hot water, you will be asked if you have checked some of the most common causes of gas heating/hot water breakdowns.

Our HomeFix team have created a series of videos to help you with these checks which you can watch below.

When outside temperatures drop below freezing there is a good chance that your condensate pipe might freeze. If you find that your boiler is making a gurgling noise and your heating is not working, a frozen condensate pipe is likely the cause. The condensate pipe is a white pipe that comes out from your boiler and travels to the external waste water, drainage system or soakaway in the ground outside of your home. During prolonged periods of freezing weather, it is possible for the pipe to freeze and affect the operation of your boiler. 

If your condensate pipe freezes, don't panic - you can usually thaw it safely yourself.


3 steps to thawing your condensate pipe:

  1. Look for an outdoor pipe (usually a white plastic pipe similar to a waste pipe) which is connected to your boiler.
  2. If it’s safe, easy to get to, and access is available at ground level, pour warm water (not boiling) along the length of the pipe. Alternatively, you can use a hot water bottle or heat pad on the sections of pipe you think are frozen.
  3. Reset your boiler. If the pipe has defrosted, your boiler should begin to work as normal.

When thawing external pipes during periods of very cold weather, be especially careful carrying hot water. Any water you spill on the ground is likely to freeze, creating new icy patches which could cause a safety hazard for you and others around you.

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