As the owner of your property, we insure the building you live in. Buildings insurance covers the permanent parts of the building e.g. walls, doors, windows, roof, bathroom suite and fitted kitchen. You are responsible for buying your own contents insurance, however, which should cover your belongings for theft and damage. 

Belongings to cover under your contents insurance usually includes items such as:

  • Electrical equipment and gadgets
  • Clothing
  • Furniture and upholstery

Think about it as everything you would take with you if you moved.


Make sure your insurance also covers you for damage caused to other people’s property. For example, if your washing machine overflows and causes damage to a neighbour’s property, this would be your responsibility.


Please be aware that even if a problem is caused by something which we are responsible for repairing, any damage caused to your belongings would have to be claimed against your own contents insurance. For example, if there was a flood caused by a burst pipe, we would repair any damage to the structure of the building and you would have to claim on your own insurance for any water damage to your furniture, loss of water / increased water bill, etc.