We understand that you may want to make certain alterations to your home, however first you will be required to gain permission from Saxon Weald. You can request permission via our website - click here

We are usually happy to grant permission for the installation of a cat flap on agreement of the below conditions:

  • Your tenancy allows you to keep pets in the property. 
  • The cat flap will lead into a garden or outside space and not into a communal hallway. 
  • The cat flap will be fitted into a wooden door or a UPVC panel (if any glass panels are removed, they must be kept and be replaced upon the end of your tenancy).
  • All work will be carried out by a competent tradesperson, whom is suitably insured should Saxon Weald need to recover any costs following damage to the property.
  • Upon the end of your tenancy, should any fault be found in the structure of the property as a result of the proposed work, you will be held liable for the cost of any remedial works.
  • Saxon Weald will not incur any expense arising directly or indirectly from the proposed works.
  • You accept responsibility for all future maintenance in respect of the proposed alterations.

Permission is granted subject to the proviso that we do not receive any complaints from your neighbours or other residents in respect of their homes or any services their homes may receive or any restriction of access to them as a result of the works.