If you are a Saxon Weald tenant and wish to move, you will need to register with your local council. They will have certain conditions that you have to meet before they accept you on their list (for example, over-crowding or under-occupying in your current home). To find the website of your local council click here.

You could also think about swapping your home with another Saxon Weald tenant or tenant of another housing association or council; this is known as a mutual exchange and you will need our written permission before you do this. 

We use an online system called Homeswapper, which is a register of all tenants in the UK who want to move. To join Homeswapper, go to www.homeswapper.co.uk

We will approve your registration so long as:

  • You don't have rent arrears
  • You have been a tenant in your current property for more than one year
  • You don't have a history of antisocial behaviour
  • You can afford the rent
  • The property is the right size for your household

When you find someone you want to swap with, make sure you find out as much as possible about the tenancy you would have and be sure to visit the property. Please remember, you are accepting the property as it is (so make sure you are happy with the kitchen etc). 


For more information please download our Mutual Exchange Policy.  To ask for our permission to complete a mutual exchange, email our customer support team, hello@saxonweald.com.