Saxon Weald are committed to ensuring that our properties are maintained through a programme of continuous home improvements.  Our annual home improvement programmes usually include:

• New boilers/heating

• Kitchen and/or bathroom modernisations

• Roofing replacements

• New windows & doors

• Communal and external decoration/repairs to houses and blocks 

All customers being considered for a home improvement will receive a letter at the start of the financial year advising them of this.  We complete improvements in four phases throughout the year (April - June, July - September, October - December, January - March).  If you are being considered for a home improvement, you will be contacted at the start of a phase to arrange an appointment to complete a property condition survey.  Following this survey, Saxon Weald will contact you to advise whether or not your property will be included on the programme. 

Customers are expected to maintain their homes in accordance with their tenancy.  Minor repairs to bathrooms (e.g. tiles, plugs, handles) or kitchen units (e.g. catches, handles, hinges, runners and shelves) are a tenant repair responsibility.  If you believe that your home should be included in any of our home improvement programmes, please email our customer support team,, with the details of why you think this is the case, please send photographs if possible.