We offer a selection of garages to rent across the Horsham district. You don't have to be a Saxon Weald tenant to rent one (though we will give you a small discount if you are).

Garages are only to be used for storing vehicles used by the licensee for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, such as cars, vans or motorbikes.

Please note: garages do not have an electricity supply.

You can apply to rent a garage through our website. Visit https://www.saxonweald.com/rent-a-garage/available-garages/  to see our available garages.


How much does a garage cost to rent?
£22.79 per week for garages in central Horsham
£15.56 per week for garages outside of central Horsham
Saxon Weald tenants pay £12.97 per week

Rent must be paid monthly in advance by direct debit. You must give us seven days notice if you wish to cancel your garage agreement.